Seventeen. (13/4/2013)

Assalamualaikum. Hello there. I'm turning to seventeen for only just three months more. Well, day by day, I'm getting bigger and bigger. I still remember my mother's hugs when I'm still seven-years-old.

2013, a very big year for me, and for all my seventeen-years-old friends. We will be taking our big examination on this coming early November. Uhmm, it's April, and I didn't make any move yet. Well, just a little exercises may help. A little. I'm not targetting to get straight 9A+ or whatever, well I'm not an apple of the teacher's eyes, I'm just a normal student who always tend to get the poor result. Why to be an intelligent kid when your life is suffer from depression? I will do anything, as long as I get my own happiness.

Bye. x